24 hour restoration service

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Content Restoration

Working with you to restore your home

Aside from the damage to the physical fabric of the buildings caused by fire or flood, it’s the collateral damage to the contents that’s often so distressing. When we assess your situation, we take special steps to make sure your property is protected from unnecessary secondary damage through swift, effective treatment.

Heat, water, smoke, soot and mould damage are all hazards in disaster recovery. We use professional technicians, chemicals and processes to save, protect, repair and renovate your belongings wherever it’s physically possible to do so.

We have extensive experience in restoring:- Carpets, Curtains, Clothing, Bedding, Furniture, Crockery, Antiques, Photographs – and of course a variety of electrical appliances.

So don’t give up on anything until we’ve completed out assessment, you may be surprised at what we can save.

Electronic Equipment remediation

Heat, humidity, smoke and soot damage can be extremely destructive to delicate electrical equipment and machinery. They can damage circuit boards, wiring, memory and data storage. The effects can be devastating unless prompt intervention from trained professionals is affected at the earliest opportunity.

Speed, experience and hard-won knowledge are the vital ingredients in mitigating primary damage and secondary deterioration. Quickly stabilizing contamination and damage to delicate circuits, so we can take effective remedial action to decontaminate and return items to working order.

In other more serious cases we can implement forensic data recovery techniques to save vital information stored on computers, laptops, hard drives and telecommunications equipment

The same principles apply to manufacturing machinery, food processing equipment, domestic and commercial electrical appliances and sundry electrical items. We can deploy our specialist recovery teams anywhere in Ireland at very short notice.

Document Restoration

Often vital papers and documents will become waterlogged and damaged during a flood, or the aftermath of firefighting. Swift reaction and years of specialist knowledge (as with much of our work) is the key to effective restoration.

They secret is to rapidly freeze dry affected items to stabilize them and prevent deterioration and loss of information - as the water wicks rapidly into the paper and lifts or dilutes the ink thereon.

It’s essential to remove the offending papers to our specialist facility at the earliest opportunity, we can arrange emergency pack and dispatch to get them frozen and preserved against secondary damage. 

Once we have them safely under management we’ll consult with you on the best way forward, this might be drying, fumigating and sanitizing – or a variety of reproduction options.

As well as standard legal/official documents, we can look after books, journals, printed archive materials – even x rays and microfilm/fiche records.