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Mould Remediation

Only recently have we begun to understand the full health implications of having mould present in the home. Like all fungicidal growths, it spreads itself through microscopic spores in the air. These in turn can cause a variety of symptoms from respiratory complaints and allergic reactions to rashes and other skin problems. As with most infectious airborne particles – the very old, very young and the infirm can be especially susceptible as they generally have weaker immune systems.

For these reasons and the rather less dangerous (but nonetheless unpleasant) side effects of damp musty odours, unsightly mould growths on walls, floors and possessions, our swift and thorough removal, cleansing and remediation process is a must in any built environment

Signs to look out for

  • Damp, musty smells.
  • Visible growth – dark patches
  • Headaches, sneezing, rashes etc
  • Obviously high humidity

How we deal with Mould here at SOS Restoration it’s a simple six step procedure

  1. Inspectthe damage and extent
  2. Assessthe best way to deal with it
  3. Containto avoid spores spreading
  4. Removesafely and hygienically
  5. Cleanto ensure all traces are removed
  6. Remediate and testfor peace of mind that the problem is solved

Moulds can and will form and spread anywhere that moisture is present in excess, attacking them quickly and decisively is the key to mitigating their spread and making sure that when they’re gone – they gone for good!