24 hour restoration service

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Domestic Fire Damage

Working with you to restore your home

A fire at home is always a huge shock to the system and the aftermath can seem overwhelming at first sight. As well as the initial impact of smoke and soot, there’s very often a lot of water damage incurred whilst fighting the blaze.

Our many years of experience in a huge variety of domestic settings throughout Northern Ireland , means we are very good at helping you deal with the consequences of a fire in your home. Working with your insurers, we aim to restore your home and your personal effects to their pre-fire condition as quickly as possible. We also offer a sympathetic ear and bring an eye for detail, (we’ve developed both to a fine art) – helping you along the way and keeping you informed as we go.

Back to Normal

Our technicians will clean and restore your home and contents with the attention to detail and sensitivity you’d expect from experienced trained professionals. Years of research and hard-won technical knowledge has led us to the very best chemicals and techniques available. This means we can not only clean thoroughly and effectively, but eliminate the odours associated with fire, so there’ll be no lasting reminder.

A return to the familiar and normality is a huge part of recovering from domestic fire damage. To this end we place great emphasis on a personal service, we can often rush things like clothes, children’s favourite toys and of course any other treasured belongings through the cleaning/restoration process. We’ll help you get back to normal as quickly as we can.


Fire Damage to Commercial premises

Working with you to restore (and restart) your business

Research suggests that up to 50% of businesses that experience fire damage never trade again – we’re here to make sure that doesn’t happen to you. We aim to get you back in the game as quickly as possible after a fire, clearing up, cleaning and remediating your premises and property, wherever you are in Ireland (or the UK).

Initially we can ensure the property is secure and implement either on or off site storage services as needed. We’ll safely remove fire damaged debris and any water and start on any structural work to get you trading again.

We can concentrate our efforts in areas most needed by you to affect a swift return to work. Vital documents and electronic items will be taken care of using our emergency preservation techniques so they don’t deteriorate.

Our trained technical staff use the very latest equipment and techniques to clean, deodorize, dry-out and restore buildings, equipment (including electronics. Telecoms, data storage etc) as well as saving, protecting and restoring vital paperwork and documents.

Disaster Recovery Plans

Of course the best form of defence is attack – a proper disaster recovery plan can mitigate many of these problems in advance. Why not ask for our help in setting out a comprehensive strategy for survival in case of any such misfortune. We offer a full planning and implementation service, please ask for more details