24 hour restoration service

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Document Restoration

Often vital papers and documents will become waterlogged and damaged during a flood, or the aftermath of firefighting. Swift reaction and years of specialist knowledge (as with much of our work) is the key to effective restoration.

They secret is to rapidly freeze dry affected items to stabilize them and prevent deterioration and loss of information - as the water wicks rapidly into the paper and lifts or dilutes the ink thereon.

It’s essential to remove the offending papers to our specialist facility at the earliest opportunity, we can arrange emergency pack and dispatch to get them frozen and preserved against secondary damage. 

Once we have them safely under management we’ll consult with you on the best way forward, this might be drying, fumigating and sanitizing – or a variety of reproduction options.

As well as standard legal/official documents, we can look after books, journals, printed archive materials – even x rays and microfilm/fiche records.